How Salt Lake City’s Carpet Cleaners Ensure Fresh Carpets

In almost every Salt Lake City home is a floor-wide carpet or a simple living room rug. These home ornaments provide comfort and sophistication to any home. Unfortunately, if neglected or improperly cleaned, they play host to debris and increase the risk of diseases invading a home due to poor air quality.

A reputable carpet cleaning company in SLC needs to use different kinds of methods to guarantee the cleanliness of carpets and rugs. Here are five common methods to ensure the sanitation of carpets.

Hot Water Extraction/ Steam Cleaning

A hot water extractor would apply a carpet cleaning solution that helps remove stains and debris. Most commercial carpet cleaning companies use a special formulation, such as a combination of detergents for clothes and dishes, to remove the bacteria from your carpet.

Soaking the carpet, the hot water extracting machine introduces high temperatures, effectively steaming the carpet, which dissolves the solution, debris and organisms possibly living in your carpets.

An annual or bi-annual hot water extraction for carpets improves their lifespan and ensures their cleanliness.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning machine

Dry cleaning is the faster alternative to steam cleaning, which uses minimal or organic chemicals in cleaning carpets. Using a special device, the machine applies the chemicals on the surface of the carpets; the chemicals are then left to dry.

In less than half a day, the household could enjoy their carpets free from bacteria and debris, a different outcome compared to steam cleaning, which takes 12 to 24 hours for the carpets to dry.

Carpet Shampooing

The carpet cleaning crew would bring in a wet cleaner, which is also known as a carpet shampoo machine. The device contains a specially-prepared cleaning solution and applies it across your carpet similar to cutting grass over lawns with a mower.

The difference between hot water extraction and carpet shampooing is the use of steam. Carpet shampooing only requires carpet soaking and natural drying. Carpet shampooing’s efficacy is not as robust as steam cleaning unless it uses a potent cleaner, which is likely to damage or discolor carpets.

It is different with dry cleaning as carpets are deeper-soaked in the solution.


Bonnetting Machine

Bonneting involves the use of a special device that scrubs a rug after shampooing. Carpet cleaning companies would use the application procedure of carpet shampoos. Afterward, the bonnet cleaner’s studded and absorbent scrubs attached to its rotary mechanism would plow through the entire carpet’s surface.

The principle is that the dry and ultra-absorbent bonnet surface would attract the wet debris and other particles lodged deep in the carpet. The soft studs and the odd surface of the bonnet would displace sediments further, allowing post-vacuuming procedures to pick them up and ensure the cleanliness of the carpet.


Carpet cleaners may use encapsulation solutions that dry over a carpet overnight. These chemicals would collect debris, and other microorganisms were possibly residing in your carpet. Most formulas allow you to spray the chemical on your carpet until it is damp.

Most formulas require a five-minute waiting time to ensure the solution is neither too crystallized nor too difficult to remove.

Encapsulation works effectively with bonneting because the scrubs dislodge the crystallized debris, which post vacuuming can quickly pick up.