Common Solutions To Utah Carpet Cleaning Problems

Carpeted homes enjoy the comforts of soft and stylish surfaces for bare feet. Sophistication is something a home carpet guarantees. A floor-wide carpet adds an extra dimension of finesse in a home’s personality. However, Utah’s homes might sometimes face a few problems that would remain stubborn with their carpets, such as food sauce stains, spilled wine or even mud from footwear accidentally stepping on carpets.

Luckily, the need to deep clean your carpets immediately for a stain or caked mud is unnecessary; these five carpet stain solutions can resolve almost any problem carpets have.

applying stain remover

The Coca-Cola Solution

Mixing one part of vinegar with one part of water is a tested solution that effectively removes any stain on carpets. Supplementing this is club soda, which if blotted on the stained area would help loosen the stain and completely remove it upon second blotting.

To apply the solution efficaciously, you must blot and not rub the cloth with the vinegar-water solution and coke. Let the solutions soak for 10-15 minutes to ensure the stain’s complete removal.

Shaving Cream Magic

No one would expect a male corporate professional’s best friend in the morning is also a home carpet’s best friend when it comes to the strongest stains.

The shaving cream must land directly on the stain upon application. Allow the carpet to absorb the cream for 30 minutes. Blot the shaving cream with the dry cloth afterward. The reduced presence of stain you could remove by blotting the area with the vinegar-water solution (which is quite essential for everything involving carpet cleaning).

Freezing To A Brick

Chewing gum is unlikely to land on your carpet if you are not fond of consuming it, or no children are present in the home. If some guests accidentally drop gum that remains stuck on your carpet, never pull it out. This technique works with carpets and clothes with gum stuck on them.

Freeze ice cubes in the fridge. Use these cubes to freeze the bubble gum on your carpet. Let it stay there for at least thirty seconds to a minute. A hard object could remove the majority of the stuck gum and cut the small number of carpet strands deeply embedded in gum.

Carpet Shampoo

Manufacturers of your carpet will suggest a cleaning solution efficient for the materials that make up your carpet, but one should take this only as a suggestion. Carpet cleaning solutions have different effects on your carpet. Even if manufacturers suggest their solution, try to wash one area of your carpet with the shampoo first to ensure no discoloration could occur.

Carpet shampooing appliances could cost quite a fortune as well. While you can wash it traditionally using a clean cloth, it could take time and back breaking work in the process. However, it will remove all stains, dirt and other debris your carpet has.

Advanced Methods (That Need Heavy Duty Machinery)

hot water extraction machine

The best solution to remove stains, prolong the life of your carpets, and remove the potential organisms living in your carpet that could cause diseases through airborne transmission, is to find a reliable carpet cleaner Utah has.

Investing in heavy-duty cleaning appliances, such as steam and dry cleaners you would use only once or twice a year are not profitable investments. Carpet cleaners, who have training and experience in using their equipment to clean your carpets, can guarantee better carpet health and cleanliness.