A Few Areas Atlanta Household Carpet Cleaning Needs Improvement

Floor-wide carpets are common among suburban homes and condominiums in Atlanta, which give most homes a stylish and sophisticated look. Cotton, wool, olefin or nylon provide comfort for the bare feet that enters homes and rooms and ensures no damages to scratch-prone objects such as glass tables and furniture legs.

Unfortunately, carpets endanger the air safety levels of your home; they can trap debris and other hazards if not regularly cleaned. It takes more than just vacuuming to keep Atlanta’s carpeted homes safe.

A furniture free room with a deep cleaned carpet

Recognition of Carpet Dirt Danger

Carpet dirt finds its way into homes from open windows and doors. Without proper insulation, windows and doors are pathways for dirt to enter your home. Possible cracks and small openings in walls are passageways for insects to enter your home carrying debris and possible bacteria.

Exterminators could take care of residential insects in your home, but microorganisms and bacteria brought by debris and creatures outdoors could lodge themselves deeply into the fibers of your carpet. These creatures could adapt to their new environments and multiply, and the cells and waste they shed could become airborne.

Knowledge Of Proper Cleaning Equipment

A daily vacuum and sweep could make things worse for carpet quality; vacuuming dislodges dirt and dust, which can send them airborne. Sweeping with a non-carpet dedicated broom could also send disease-bringing debris airborne, or spread bacteria the broom collects per use from other areas of the house.

A dry cleaner, which is a machine that spreads carpet-cleaning formulas similar to a floor polisher, helps collect the dirt and dust carpets possibly have after a pre-vacuum and could eliminate the life forms living inside the fibers of your carpet.

…And Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning is just one way to deep clean a carpet; the best way is through steam cleaning, better known as hot water extraction.

Using a specialized appliance that uses a carpet-cleaning solution that is mixed with water, you would need to soak the carpet and later, eliminate possible bacteria and debris by steaming the carpet. The resulting evaporation is a better solution that ensures the deepest areas of your rug’s fibers are cleaned efficiently.

Effective Cleaning Formulas


Carpet-cleaning formulas are more potent than soap or detergents used by themselves, and Atlanta homes who are attempting to dry clean their carpets could find more use the former because manufacturers specifically made them for the task.

It is true that most carpet-cleaning formulas come from a mix of soap or detergent and water, but using soap or detergent alone will never guarantee results. Most carpet cleaning companies use a mix of dishwashing and laundry detergents to clean nylon carpets. Detergents could work well with cotton or wool carpets because they share the same materials as clothes.

When To Call Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning services understand carpets better than most households. It does make sense to invest in carpet cleaning appliances such as a hot water extractor or a dry cleaning machine, but it takes time and resources to do carpet cleaning yourself.

Carpet cleaning services Atlanta needs only to visit once or twice a year to clean your floor-wide carpets and ensure your home has a safe and healthy environment.