Vacuuming And Removing Stains – Not Always Good!

The average American household would perform a carpet vacuum in the morning with the goal of removing dust and soot. After cleaning most homes would use a clean broom to sweep the remaining debris off the floor. At this point, they would believe their solution to be absolute.

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Unfortunately, to think this way is wrong.

Vacuuming and sweeping the floor is not enough to guarantee the safety and health of your carpet. In fact, removing stains from your floor only makes it visibly clean.

The truth is far worse.

Dust and soot can lodge deep into your carpet. Further negligence of vacuuming and large volumes of foot traffic buries dust into the microfibers of your carpet. Vacuuming can shake them out, but before they do, bacteria and other life forms that could cause diseases would use them as nourishment.

These life forms receive nutrients from debris. A little moisture would help them build a suitable environment to expand their population. Their lightness enables them to travel through the air and heighten the toxicity of a home air supply.

The Traits Of A Clean Carpet

The perfect, shiny-clean carpet is free of visible debris, dirt and life forms and other organisms that could live in carpets. They would smell fresh; germs and other bacteria’s activities cause the odor to emit from your carpets.

A good, clean carpet does not have any bad odors.

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A great example would be a five-star hotel’s entryway carpet; many people pass through these rugs daily. However, five-star hotels use top-class carpet cleaning solutions to ensure their carpet is clean, free of disease-causing germs, and fragrant. First impressions count for hotels indeed.

Better home care starts with the largest ornament in your home: your carpet. A clean carpet is one that receives proper cleaning on a regular basis and a home that knows how to perform these cleaning methods.

Now, a five-star hotel carpet care for your home is expensive. However, you can do so much for your carpet’s health with the right knowledge and appliances.

DIY Deep Cleaning In Your Hands

Any household’s choice would be a do-it-yourself weekend project with the objective of a deep carpet cleaning.

Good carpet cleaning only needs the proper appliances: a carpet-shampooing machine, a hot water extractor or steamer, as most carpet cleaning companies describe it, a dry-cleaning machine, and a bonneting machine.

All of these appliances use a unique cleaning solution manufacturers might have placed on retail that is more potent than a mix of vinegar and water to remove stains, or even baking soda. This blog offers knowledge and best practices to ensure you can clean your carpets in the best way possible using these appliances.

The best of all carpet cleaning methods would be steam cleaning your carpet. A machine would apply the cleaning solution on your carpet until its entirety becomes soaked. Afterward, the same machine would extract water through steaming. Unfortunately, steam cleaning takes a long time to dry, usually within 12 to 24 hours.

In this blog are other cleaning methods dry faster and make the carpet useful immediately. Read on and know more.

The Standard Of Five-Star Hotels

An average home-use carpet would encounter the following on a daily basis: barefoot traffic coming from the household’s bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and from outside the house. Occasionally, the home carpet in the living room, along with the staircase and bedroom halls, or in the bedrooms themselves, would encounter food sauces, discoloring agents from certain wine, alcohol and other beverages and accidental landing of debris and mud.

Five-star hotel carpets encounter these on almost a daily basis, and with added foot and debris traffic. For example, hotels that feature candlelit dinners in specialist dining halls or restaurants would frequently encounter wine, grease and candle wax stuck on their carpets.

The standard of five-star hotels for cleaning is an almost-weekly use of deep cleaning through steam cleaning and the occasional bonneting as a supplement on a twice-weekly basis. Bonneting allows the maintenance personnel to dislodge fragments and vacuum them up using encapsulation methods.

Alternative Solutions

However, most hotels and even households could outsource this work to professional carpet cleaning companies. A reputable carpet cleaning company would value your trust with their years of experience working in the industry.

Most home-learned practices of steam cleaning, dry cleaning, bonneting, and other methods carpet-cleaning companies teach and share in their respective websites. This blog sources some of such educational material into this site to help homeowners keep their carpets — and ultimately their homes — clean with proper knowledge and equipment.